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Turn of an era

»We wanted to build a watch that could hardly be made more accurate. Independent of computers, the Internet, radio towers and daily recharging.« The result is a special watch in eight different versions. Annual time deviation of less than one second, time synchronisation via GPS satellites, 3-4 charging cycles per year. Manufactured in a limited edition.

Model: M1-3

Timekeeping in high fidelity

Our movements operate with an accumulated off-set of under one second.
Per year!

Exceptional. Rare.

From early on in our development of the first MORGENWERK, it was clear that the M–Series models had to be produced as a limited–edition only. Today, we present for the first time three collections of this high–tech watch, paying special attention to the technological specifics of this new and extraordinary timekeeping concept.

Model: M2-2

Perfect source –
Time synchronization via satellite

Only 8 satellite synchronizations per year are required for lasting accuracy.

The self-calibrating movement

The Morgenwerk Satellite Caliber movements are custom manufactured quartz movements that work under the premise of achieving the greatest possible independence from external clocking devices. Through integrated antennae, the movement registers satellite time signals with atomic precision. With high energy efficiency, thermo-compensated quartz clocks the actual time. Minimal deviations are monitored by an especially developed processor. These deviations are then compensated in real time according to the specific attributes of each quartz crystal.

Model: M2-1

Autonomous in all time zones

Using GPS satellites to sync their time signals, our watches are independent from the limitations of radio towers or cell phone networks.

Radio Tower

Cell Phone



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High-tech caliber manufacturing

221 individual parts, state of the art and one-of-a-kind.

Climate Adjusting

Quartz oscillators, used as clocking devices, react very sensitively to their surrounding temperature. Without this feature, quartz watches suffer from daily deviations. Therefore, the MORGENWERK caliber utilizes thermo-compensated quartz that help to maintain a constant operating frequency by using temperature–sensors. This calibration protects the quartz from possible deviations, regardless of climate extremes.

Model: M3-1