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Measure the moment
in time

Focus on the essential. Precise timekeeping without compromise. Made with state of the art technology: These are the markings of a MORGENWERK. Our instruments map time so accurately that you are literally wearing the »Now«.

Model: M1-3

Timekeeping in high fidelity

Our movements operate with an accumulated off-set of up to +/- 0.75 seconds.
Per year!

Exceptionally. Rare.

After three years of development, we have completed our premiere series of watches that are more than high technology devices with synchronizing GPS antennae and lasting power reserve. The extraordinary uniqueness of all three M model series can be observed, as with all great timepieces, in their movements. Solid, made of the most sensible, high quality materials to last decades. There are only a few hundred timepieces for each current model.

Model: M2-2

Perfect source.
Time synchronization via satellite.

Only 8 satellite synchronizations per year are required for lasting accuracy.

The self-calibrating movement.

The Morgenwerk Satellite Caliber (MSC) movements are custom manufactured, temperature compensated, quartz movements that we have designed with a unique architecture. It consists of a processing unit that is constantly monitoring the characteristics of the movement in order to calculate a custom memory of its behavior. This individual performance map, which each watch creates uniquely for itself, is then used to adjust possible deviations in real time.

Model: M2-1

Autonomous in all time zones

Using GPS satellites to sync their time signal, our watches are independent from the limitations of radio towers or cell phone networks.

Radio Tower

Cell Phone



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High-tech caliber manufacturing.

148 individual parts, state of the art and unique.

Climate Adjusting

Quartz oscillators, used as clocking devices, react very sensitively to their surrounding temperature. Without this feature, quartz watches suffer from daily deviations. Therefore, the MORGENWERK caliber utilize thermo-compensated quartz that helps to maintain a constant operating temperature, which protects the quartz from possible deviations, regardless of climate extremes.

Model: M3-1